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Taji Wraps

Stretch Wrap Yellow

Stretch Wrap Yellow

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Unlock your inner power with our Stretch Wrap Yellow! Embrace the energy of the sun's solar plexus chakra with this stretchy headwrap. Amplify your senses and reach new heights with this invigorating accessory. Perfect for yoga, meditation, or everyday wear. Feel the difference with our Stretch Wrap Yellow!

  • Unfinished/Unhemmed
  • Head wrap made of 70% cotton 30% spandex (very stretchy)
  • Color: yellow
  • Design: solid
  • Size: approx. 20"x 72"
  • Product photos are very close to the originals. The colors and quality of pictures will vary when viewing on different devices, such as computers screens, smartphones and tablets.
  • Machine wash in warm water with mild detergent (True Liquid Detergent) Rinse in cold water and tumble dry on low setting.
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